CSI Group is a full service, asset management and recovery agency. Established in 1935 by Robert Sesline, who is also the founder of Oklahoma Collectors Association and the former President of American Collectors Association, we have continually provided quality service to our clients for over 70 years. Plus, our highly trained management staff has over 100 years of combined, collections experience.

Our Clients

Our clients include medical providers, financial institutions, apartment rental companies, communications businesses, retail businesses, commercial firms and more. We have a well-rounded portfolio of clients, and can help recover bad debt accounts for any type of business.

Inside the Group

Well-known as the premier agency in the state of Oklahoma, our group provides quality service through four unique entities:

Collection Services International – providing collection services
Combined Services for Insurance – providing insurance and worker’s compensation services

Learn more about our services and how we can help you recover lost assets.


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